Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final Blog Post!

This will be my final blog post for EDM 310 class but not my final blog post for me! When I first signed up for EDM 310, I did not know what to expect. I thought EDM 310 was just going to be one of those classes where it teaches you how to do a power point or a spread sheet. This class was nothing like that! But to my surprise this class helped me with things I never knew how to do. I am very thankful for this class in many ways and thankful that I had such great teachers!
Question # 1. There are the things that I have learned from this class:
• Blogging- I will have a blog for my class where I will put up what we did in class, homework, important information, and many more. Also my students will have there own blog where they will express themselves!
• Video cast and podcast- Podcasting is one thing I will use in my classroom in the future, it is a fun way for the students to use technology! I will also use video cast.
• Twitter- This was a great tool to talk to and follow other teachers and to be able to get ideas and suggestions that will be helpful to me in the future.
• Timetoast-I really think my students would like to use timetoast and would benefit from using this site, it also could be a great tool for me to show the students when event happened.
• Picasa- I think it is very easy to use and my students could create small projects with Picasa. It is very easy which I like.
• Wiki- It was not my favorite, I was confused with it.
• Google doc and Google Spreadsheets- I never knew that Google was more than a search engine! I really like it, there is so much you can do with it and I will use it in the future!

YouTube- I have always used Youtube it is such a great site! You can learn so much from it and I will definitely use it for my class.
• Moviemaker- I really liked using movie maker you can do so much with it! I will most likely use it in the future!
• ITunes- I have been using ITunes before EDM 310 and will continue to use it after this class
• Goggle forms- This allows surveys to be done more effective, which I love! I think this will be useful in my future class and I will use it!
• Google earth-Did not like this at all, it did not work all the time which can be frustrating. I do think that it is a neat, but I probably would not use this in my class.
• ACCESS & ALEX- The knowledge of ACCESS and ALEX is very useful!
• Presentations- I will definitely use this in my classroom!
• Skype I will use this in my professional and everyday life. I would love to have people talk to my class about different things and with skpe this could happen!
• PLN's- I have learned and got some much good information from others, so I will definitely be using my PLN!
• Comment for classmates- it was hard to do this sometime because people did not do there work or dropped the class. I think we should be able to pick someone’s blog to comment on every week but never be able to comment on the same persons blog twice!
• Comment for teachers- I loved doing this, I learned so much from other teachers blogs that I will do in my classroom.
• Comment for kids- I really enjoyed doing this each week! It also gave me ideas on how to start my class on technology.

Who I am as a professional- Now that I have taken this class I am going to be a technology literate teacher!

Teaching literacy- I will continue to learn and learn more about technology in the future to keep up with the change in time.

Future of schools- technology is changing our classrooms. Teachers need to learn to keep up with our students and our technology! As a teacher you should be able to use technology!

Intellectual trail- I learned to only put things on the Internet that I would not be humiliated by. I will continue to only post good things in both my professional and personal life.

Things I learned: Wow, where do I begin! First would be blog and how important it can be and fun, also how to use power point and spreadsheet using Google forms, how to Twitter, how to Skype, how to upload a video to Youtube, how to make a podcast, how to use Google Earth, embed a picture or video onto my blog, how to enhance and change pictures using Picasa, how to use Vocaroo and CamStudio, and how to make my PLN.

2. Things I would have liked to have learned but did not: There is nothing I can think of that you did not cover!
3. Everything that I learned in this class will be useful in some way in the future.
4. The things that I learned that were useful and “excited” me were: Skype, and blogging! When I started this class I did not no how to Skype or really what it was but after the first time I Skyped, I loved it an will use it in my classroom and personal life! Blogging really excites me now!! I will use it for my class and my students will use it as well!
5. The only thing that I found “intellectually challenging.” Was google earth, It would have been easy if it worked all the time!
6. I was definitely not bored in this class. With the blog post, projects, comments4 kids, teachers, and classmates there was no time to be bored. But I can say I stayed busy.
7. The only thing that I would change for this course would be the syllabus. It was hard to read and was unorganized. It was great having all the links.
8. I can honestly say that I am more technology literate now then when I started. Coming into the class, I only knew basics when it came to Internet and word. Now I am able to do so much and I understand so much more about technology and how to use it! I am very thankful for this class and will use everything I learned in the future.
9. As technology changes so fast I know that if I want to stay technology literate that I will have to keep learning everyday. I will keep using Google docs, Skype, YouTube, blogging and looking at other teacher’s blogs!


  1. Wikis - I'm not sold on them either.
    Google Earth - lots of potential so don't rule it out. But there are kinks to work out (or around).
    The syllabus will be completely redone.

  2. Lauren, it has been a pleasure having you in my class this semester. Good luck in your future teaching career.