Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 10!

I read a post by Morgan Bayda called an Open Letter to Educators; I also watched a video by Dan Brown. They expressed their views about University teaching. They talked about having a professor standing up at the front of the classroom lecturing facts and then giving two test, midterm and finals which is the wrong way to approach teaching.
I went to the University of Alabama my freshman year and I know most of my classes were like that. There were over a hundred students in the class and no roll being called. The teacher would just lecture and that is where the test would come from, I would never open my book which would upset me because I spent so much money on them. Dan dropped out of college, because he was failing. He believes that his "schooling interfered with his learning." They both mentioned how several times they had bought books for classes and never even opened them. I can relate to that!
I think teachers should not just lecture but me more hands on. When I become an elementary teacher my goal is to be a hands on teacher and use as much technology as I can! It is very important and changing our lives every day!


  1. I also went to the University of Alabama, I went my freshman and sophmore year and I definitely know what you mean how many of the classes had a stereotypical college-like feel where there were hundreds of students in an auditorium, the teacher lectured, and then you were tested on the lecture, and that's all you got out of the classes. BORING! No one can truly keep the information and knowledge you're supposed to be getting out of the class with this method of teaching. My experience at South has been quite different. I know some or many for that matter would disagree, but for me South has challenged me to use my brain, my creativity, and my collaborative skills. Almost every class except for my science classes. That's been my experience at least.

  2. I agree with just about everything you said. Even though I have only attended South some of my classes have had up to 175 people in it. It is ridiculous!Great job on the post!