Friday, April 30, 2010

Comment4Teachers week 13 and 14

Educators royal treatment is the blog sit that I followed for week 13 and 14! I read a post about blueprints for today’s classroom! It was a dream classroom! Some of the ideas for this classroom was:
1. An energetic, compassionate, forgiving, curriculum knowledgeable, appropriate technology-using teacher.
2. A teaching station laptop that plugs in easily at school, but also gets to go home with the teacher after school and weekends. Equip it with graphic, video, presentation, and word processing software.
3. A classroom set of netbooks, laptops, smartbooks or similar 1:1—real computing devices that are as reachable as pencils used to be at school. And at the end of day they go home.
4. Handhelds for fieldwork are a good idea when traveling digitally light. And I’m not as opposed to smartphone-style devices anymore—if appropriate and they work to improve learning. And yes, recorders and reporter’s notebooks allowed, too.
5. Safe and quick Intranet connectivity for both teachers and students at school and home.
6. An online desktop, curriculum, portfolios, software, and digital tools for teacher and students—that can be accessed anywhere.
7. An interactive wall of some sort—whiteboard or whiteboard solution—with all the hook-ups, and pen and touch software.
8. A projector with sound and closed captioning for multimedia presentations
9. A document camera with audio and video to display, record, and video communicate.
10. Hardware and software for special needs, hearing, and sight-impaired students.
I said: Hi, my name is Lauren Reeves I am in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama, with Dr. John Strange! I would love to have all of that Technology when I become a teacher!!! That would definitely be great classroom!
The second post that I looked at was summer professional Development! It is about; teachers planning their summer activities!

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