Monday, April 12, 2010


Before EDM 310 I really did not know what skype was. I knew a little about it but not enough to know to use it! But now that I have been in EDM 310 I know what skype is and I know how to use it! Skype is a free way to communicate with people, even if the person is across the World! You can talk to someone and see them! It is so neat! The first time I used skype was with Heather Ludwig and Pam Overstreet. We interviewed Heathers father in law! Skype is a great way to do business and also to talk to the ones you love! Now that I know how to use skype I will use it more in my everyday life, and I am thankful to have this class because without this class I probably would have never used it!! My username is lnreeves.

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