Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Podcast Week 3

I listened to many podcasts. You may be thinking what is a podcast! A podcast is a pre done audio session done by one or more people. Podcasts are not live and can be recorded at any time of the day and then they are able to be replayed when preferred. The podcasts that I listened to were: KidCast, EdTech, ConnectLearning, Smartboard Lessons Podcast and This week in Photography.

The first one I listened to was KidCast it talked about when it is suitable to use podcasting or vodcasting. Vodcasting is a visual images as well as audio. I will definitely use KidCast for my elementary students. The second podcast that I listened to was EdTech. The presenters were great; it was about using gaming in schools. This podcast flowed and seemed more interesting than one with just one or two speakers. Next was he ConnectLeraning podcast, Episode 91: Conversation about Podcasting with Media Coordinators. I liked it because of the question and answer format. It made it easy to understand!

Podcasting can be a great tool for a teacher. I can record a podcast about school assignments that were given that day or on previous days for the students who were sick and put it on my class blog! This can also be a good way for teachers and parents to communicate with each other. Without this class I would of never of knew what a podcast was or ever use it. I will definitely use it and teach my students to use it!

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