Monday, April 12, 2010

PS22 Video

"Why is it important for students to post their work to blogs (or in other ways)?"

I do think it is important for students to post their work on blogs. It gives them many opportunities to do different things it also gives other people opportunities to learn! These students were just singing in at their school and then next thing you know they were offered to sing with Fleetwood Mac! It just shows you having a blog can be a great thing! Three examples are:

1. Mr. C’s class blog- Mr. C's class saw Kaia blog and then in return after skyping with her father they made a voice thread for her to listen to their comments.
2. Mr. McClung- He blogged about everything he had learned in his first year of teaching. This really helped me know what to expect for my first year teaching!
3. Dan Brown- I could really relate to what he was saying.

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  1. I really enjoyed Mr. McClung's posts, too. His advice and insight were unlike any I've ever heard!

    I watched Julie & Julia last night for the first time (about the woman who was trying to cook all of Julia Child's recipes in one year), and that movie actually helped me see how important blogging is, too. Since Julie blogged her experiences, not only did she receive recognition, she gained support from her readers. Not only was she allowing her work to inspire others, she was allowing herself to be inspired in return.