Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My PLN has grown so much since my first PLN and it will keep growing when I learn more about technology. Since my last post I have used skpye which my username is Lnreeves.I skyped a professor and asked him questions about his job and his opinions! I have also talked to Mrs.Tommy Autrey alot more and got many of ideas from her and asked her plenty of questions about technology. I have also learned so much with doing comments4teachers that I will use in my class room!

From being in this class I know now that there are sites available to me for new ideas in the area of technology and in the classroom! The Internet has been a big source for my PLN! One thing that I have learning from this class is how much blogging can affect people and help them! I will have a class blog each year for my students! It will have what we did in class, whats for homework and many more things that will help the students! I am very grateful for this class!

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