Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 15


I watched a video by a 7th grader called Welcome to My PLE. Her Personal Learning Environment is like a personal learning network (PLN) her PLE organized her school work and her personal work! She has all of her work organized, for example the top row is her personal things such as facebook and the bottom row is her school work. Everyday she would come to class and check the class blog to see what she had to do for the day. Some days she would have videos to watch and much more! She would do a lot of things at her own pace! She had the freedom to do the work on her own and go in any order she would like to.
EDM 310 is a lot like this! Instead they organize their work! Maybe we should make a PLE! It would be nice to do things at your own pace, but you would have to be responsible enough to do it. And not wait until the last minute! I will defiantly do a PLE in my classroom.

Two Questions that can Change your Life!

The second video that I watched was by Daniel Pink. He said there are two questions that everyone needs to ask themselves. They are: What's my sentence? Am I better today than I was yesterday? What’s my sentence means is that every person has a sentence to do something great. What I want to think of my sentence in life is to help people. So I would want people to look at me and say “She is a great teacher that wants to change lives!” Question number two was, am I better today then yesterday? I try to improve myself everyday, so hopefully I get better instead of stay the same or worse! I believe that no one is perfect and has room to change so if you have the attitude to want to do better then you will!

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